content management system

  • Joomla, the content management system is one of the most advanced and powerful Open Source Content Management Systems in the industry across the world. This content management platform is used all over the world. It serves the purpose of creating everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Moreover Joomla is ascendable, simple to manage, and reliable.

  • Magento is an open source e-commerce development platform with greater functionalities, flexibility and measurability. It is one of the fastest ways of to create more adaptive and feasible solutions for your current business requirements and based on the industry standards.Magento is an open source e-commerce software that is used for developing client centric online stores.

  • Drupal is an open source platform for content management to empower the commercial websites. It will enable the user to organize, manage and publish the content of their website without much hassle. Drupal also allows users to take care of their routine task, like website registration with user names and password. Drupal has been widely adopted by the large organizations in the world to build complex websites.

  • Wordpress is one of the best customised platform,basically refers the term where you can publish blog in open source platform at for most optimum utilization.It provides a user-friendly interface for blog and article publication, backend databases, e-commerce, and other successful commercial websites.A WordPress site or blog can also be search engine optimised so that your site is listed on search pages.

microsoft technology

  • Microsoft enabled ASP.NET is a web application framework used to build websites, web applications and web services. It is built on CLR or common Language runtime that allows ASP.NET developers to do ASP.NET coding using a .NET supported language.The ASP.NET SOAP extension framework allows ASP.NET components to process SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol ) messages.

  • The .NET Framework created by Microsoft is a software development platform focused on rapid application development (RAD), platform independence and network transparency. .NET is Microsoft's strategic initiative for server and desktop development for the next decade. According to Microsoft, .NET includes many technologies designed to facilitate rapid development of Internet and intranet applications.

mobile and social

  • The mobile market is growing very fast. Lots of applications for Apple and Android mobile devices have appeared in the market to boost up mobile trends and people’s intrest with mobile technologies. We have experienced mobile application developers in our team and we are now well prepared to build fully-functional custom applications for iPhone/iPad and Android platforms.

  • We are providing a wide range of services in social media from creating pages,managing users to till developing applications ,all across social networking site and which has benefitted corporate as well as small scale businesses to scale up their Sales and user engagement using the Social media platform . Social media has always been important for managing corporate Identity.